According to the requirement of teaching task plan of the new semester of our university i.e. from  to June 30, 2011, we plan to employ one foreign language teacher for oral English, listening and other courses, the qualifications are as follows:

1. The basic requirements:

A. To obey Chinese laws and regulations with friendly attitude toward China and love to Chinese education, live in harmony with the teachers and students.

B. Duration of employment: March 1, 2011 ? June 30, 2011.

C. Should be native language speakers, with French or Spanish as the second language preferred.

D. Age: 25-55-year-old, male or female, good health, no history of major diseases.

E. Education: Bachelor degree or above with more than two years teaching experience.

2. Teaching tasks:

A. Oral and Listening English or French

B. Western literature, English or French writing, Introduction of occident culture.

C Working load: no more than 16 hours each week.

D. Others: Spoken English/French training in this university, English competitions and other activities hosted in this university.

3. Treatment:

A. The salary: 3800-4300 RMB / month, with RMB 100 Yuan each month for water and electricity.

B. A round-air ticket.

C. Travel allowance: 2200 Yuan / year.

D. The university will offer the medical insurance for the foreign teacher which will cover the serious illness and accidence.

E. A 3-room apartment and necessary facilities.

F. High-speed Internet and printer.

Other matters not clearly mentioned will comply with the relevant policy of Chinese government. Candidates, who are interested in this university, please contact us through the following ways:

Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (STU):

Add: 17 North 2nd ring Road, Shijiazhuang City, 050043, Hebei Province, PRC

Mr. Jin Song

Tel: 86-311-87935052  Fax: 86-311-87935052

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